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“The best things in life are FREE!”

When you visit you have the ability to extract every policy in your name, in under 3 minutes!
The highlight of it all is that it is completely FREE! – That’s right. There’s no cost! Gone are the days where you’re scrambling through mountains of paperwork to find your insurance policies, or where you’re unsure what policies you have, what you’ve insured for, etc. – we’ve got you covered.

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I lost contact with my financial advisor a few years ago, and lost access to many of my policies. Going through call centres is extremely time consuming, but with – it didn’t even take me 5 minutes to complete all my info. It saved me so much time!


Being a single male and running my own business, I don’t have time for filing, and it’s certainly not one of my strong points. I can never seem to find my policies, but with the help of, I can now access them all in one place.

I kept waiting to find the catch – when I would be asked to enter my credit card details, or if I would get a surprise invoice down the line. But I didn’t! is completely free! I’ve shared it with my entire family too.

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If you need insurance of any kind, allow to find the best cover for you! takes all of your specific needs into consideration, and searches across all major insurance providers, in order to provide you with a comprehensive quote. No fuss. No financial advisors. No hidden costs.

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